Racket Stringing - Broken Strings or Lost Tension

You can have your racket restrung from £16 and for no extra cost I can collect it from you or drop it round to Adrian Gunton at 5 Herrick Road Taverham. Tele 01603 867021 mob 0798 428 1416

Racket Grips

We supply Karakal racket grips from £2.50 and we can fit them for you at no extra cost.

Discounts on Tennis Balls

We are able to buy Tennis Balls in bulk and can obtain discounts from the usual shop prices and can pass these on to club members. 4 Ball Can of Head tennis balls are available at £3 Contact Adrian for details.

Badminton - Shutlecocks

For any badminton players amongst you, we do buy shuttlecocks in bulk and can pass savings onto club members


Dunlop Revelation Competition XT squash ball Black -Yellow dot £2 each

Contact Details

For any of the above items contact Adrian Gunton 5 Herrick Road Taverham NR8 6SQ

Tele 01603 867021 Mob 0798 428 1416